Learning French With Damon Dominique

I’ve been trying to learn French for a while now.

Recently, I found an online French course from Damon Dominique. Who turned out to be a really cool YouTuber.

I just finished the course, so I thought writing a review for others might be a cool idea.

So, first of all, where can I find the course?

My experience

I started the course knowing some basic French. I ended the course knowing at least twenty times more French than I did just a few months ago. I thought the course was really easy to understand, and really helped me with some of the tricky parts of French.

Damon Dominique’s native language is English, so he knows how hard French can be. He teaches the course the way he wanted to be taught when he was originally learning French; I think this is a really great idea.

Here’s why I thought the course was great

  • 14+ hours of easy to understand videos.
  • 170+ study notes to read while watching the videos.
  • He goes over tons of important parts of the French language.
  • The homework was very fun.
  • He’s a really chill, funny guy.
  • He has a very natural style for teaching French.
  • He starts speaking more and more French as the course progresses.
  • He teaches the parts of the French language you’d actually use in an average day.

I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who want’s to learn French.

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