Make NES Games in Your Terminal With RetroLib

Programming for the Nintendo Entertainment System is hard. You have to write pure 6502 Assembly which is time consuming, and challenging. That’s why I created a 6502 processor within Python; so you can make NES-like games easily.

With RetroLib, you have the ability to write both 6502 Assembly and Python code within the same file!

All you need to do to get started is to import the library. The documentation should have everything you’ll need (which you can find here).

If you don’t know any 6502 Assembly, you’ll want to understand a very basic level before continuing.

An Introduction to 6502 Assembly and low-level programming! (10 minute read)

RetroLib – a 6502 CPU (GitHub Repository)

Here’s a very basic script from the documentation.

from RetroLang import RAM, CPU, PPU
from time import sleep
from os import system
from random import randint, choice

# Create RAM & PPU
ram = RAM()
ppu = PPU()
# Assign RAM & PPU to CPU
cpu = CPU(ram, ppu)

while True:
	# Loop every pixel in PPU memory.
	for i in range(cpu.hex("100"), cpu.hex("300")):
		# Choose either color 1(Red), 2(Green) and 255(White)
		cpu.ldx("#$" + str(choice([1, 2, 255])))
		cpu.stx(i) # Store A register into the current memory location

		system("clear||cls")	# Clear the console
		cpu.display()	# Turn on the display
		sleep(0.2)	# Wait a bit...

To execute the script, run it like you’d do with any regular Python file.

$ python3

Good Luck!

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