Why a Stock Price Changes And What It Means.

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Want to know why a stock price changes?

The Stock Market can be confusing and overwhelming. When I was first learning about the Stock Market, I didn’t know why the prices changed so much. One day a stock is up 5%, the next, it drops -5%!

Why a stock price changes

The reason a stock price changes is because people want to own or sell the stock. The more people buy a stock, the higher the price will go. The more people selling the stock, the lower the price will go.

Reasons why people buy a stock (Stock price goes up):

  • The company has increasing sales and profits.
  • A well known investor is buying shares of the company.
  • A cool new product or service was announced by the company.
  • Good reviews left by media or people.
  • Another company is purchasing the company at a higher price.

Reasons why people sell a stock (Stock price goes down):

  • The company’s profits are slowing down.
  • A well known investor is selling shares of the company.
  • Most of the stock market is down.
  • Rumors about the company.
  • A powerful company becomes a competitor.
  • The company lost a major customer.

-Finance & Code, taught by a pug.

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